Sex – Hinduism Shows the Logical Way!


The Hinduism isn’t just a religion however it is likewise a way of thinking, a religion and reasoning, yet it is a lifestyle.

The Hindu shastras meaning sacred writings tells the right way as the best way to have a fruitful existence for each man and lady

There is an off-base thought that Hinduism despises the Sex and urges everyone to loathe the craft of sex.

Maharishi Vatsayana in his kama sutra (The craft of Sex) portrays everything about sex in a wonderful way.

As indicated by the Hindu Shastras the ladies are of four kinds.

Padmini ( The Lotus young lady), Chitrini (exquisite young lady), Sankhini (the tall young lady) and Hastini (Elephant young lady).

Seeing a Padmini is extremely intriguing.

Draupadi, Ahalya, Anusuya, Sita are all of Padmini type.

Also we have kinds of men and postures in the craft of Adoration.

The Hindu lords belittled writers in their courts. Also, these artists are knowledgeable with the Kama Sastra (The Study of Sex) and used to make love sonnets to satisfy the lord.

Individuals of the world ought to initially peruse Kama Sutra of Vatsayana before marriage.

Lord Bhoja maharaja has composed many books. He is an exceptionally extraordinary Sanskrit researcher. He has been credited with works of each and every part of information. It is discovered that he has composed no less than 84 books as indicated by Ajada who has composed a discourse on his book ‘Saraswathikantabharana’.

Sringara Prakasa is a wonderful book about the craft of Adoration, composed by him.

In this awesome book we have 36 sections.

Bhoja in his 11th part manages Love.

As indicated by Bhoja Sringara rasa – Prema – Love is the main Rasa. What’s more, 49 Bhavas are conceived out of this Sringara.

The affection is of 64 sorts. They are Abhilasa, Akanksa, Apeksha, Utkantha, Ipsa, Lipsa, Iccha, Vancha, Trsna, Lalasa, Sprha, Laulya, Gardha, Sraddha, Ruci, Dohada, Asa, Asis, Asamsa, Manoratha, Astha, Abhinivesa, Anubandha, Agraha, Vimarsa, Manisa, Abhiparaya, Paksapada, Lobha, Asanga, Abisvanga, Sakti, Moha, Akuta, Kuthuhala, Vismaya, Raga, Vega, Ashyavasaya, Vyavasaya, Kamana, Vasana, Smarana, Sankalpa, Bhava, Rasa hasa, Rati, Priti, Dakshinya, Anugraha, Vatsalya, Anukrosa, Visvasa, Visramba, Vasikara, Pranaya, Prapti, Paryapti, Samapti, Abhimanapti, Sneha, Prema, Ahlada and Nivrti.

Bhoja counted these 64 sorts of affection with delineations.

What’s more, every one of these 64 sorts can be in eight structures. So presently we get 512 assortments.

What’s more, each of these 512 can be in 24 structures. So the absolute will be 12288!

Take any Adoration sonnet in any language of the world, you can see that it can be categorized as one of these 12288 structures!

No one on earth has examined the main part of life to be specific Sex so wonderfully and logically as that of a Hindu.

Hinduism tells the way regarding the best way to comprehend and carry on with a sexual existence effectively to the greatest possible level of fulfillment of a man and lady.

There are more than one lakh love sonnets in Sanskrit Language. Furthermore, in Tamil language there are great many Love sonnets.

Each has its own structure and appeal.

Perusers ought to save a chance to peruse these sonnets!

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