I’ll Happily Pay You Tuesday For A Burger Today


That was the well known, and frequently utilized, line of J. Wellington Weak, the mooch, an animation character made by E.C. Segar in 1934 in the Popeye comic book series. Weak was Popeye’s companion. Web search the name and perceive how Mr. Segar determined this supporting person in his Popeye series. I need to discuss the fellowship among Weak and Popeye.

Weak is overweight, a slug, a quitter, and maybe to top it all off, he will trick anybody out of their cash to get another burger, including his dear companion Popeye. He never reimburses his supporters on a Tuesday or on some other day of the week. All in all, for what reason does Popeye endure Weak and believe him to be his companion? My hypothesis is that the whole animation was the printed variant of a Vaudeville parody schedule (a mid twentieth century in front of an audience execution of apparently detached diversion that in some way interfaces eventually).

Popeye is the legend in the daily schedule. However, he is likewise the jokester and the dolt. Popeye’s principal adversary (foe) is Bluto (later called Brutus), and Bluto regularly gets the advantage on Popeye from the get-go in the animation. You read the animation and miracle, “How did Popeye let that Bluto get the better of him once more?” Indeed, that is boneheads’ specialty. Some way or another, the bonehead (who is additionally the legend for this situation) must get a clue, rout Bluto, and make things right once more. In his recuperation, Popeye goes to his companions. Weak is a companion, and in Vaudeville custom, he is moreover “the straight man.”

Weak, as the straight man, sees Popeye’s displeasure and dissatisfaction, and he turns into the quieting impact. He dissuades his companion, encourages him to thoroughly consider what is going on within reach, and he vows to help Popeye. Despite the fact that Weak is a liar, a quitter, and a cheat, and can’t be depended on for help, some way or another his recommendation stimulates Popeye to change from simpleton to legend. Weak finishes Popeye. Presently, you might ask yourself, “Couldn’t Popeye track down a preferred companion over that?”

Ordinarily, you don’t go out and track down a companion. Companions simply occur, and for this situation, by purchasing Weak cheeseburgers, Popeye gained a companion. Maybe the example here is that we shouldn’t track down flaws with our companions. We ought to see the value in them, and maybe we could get them a burger every so often.

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